Falco has found his forever home!

Hi, my name is Falco!

Falco is a gentle soul. He is very sweet and wants to be around people all the time. He adjusted fast to our family and the routine. He can jump and climb really well so yard will need to be secure if he is expected to be outside for any amount of time on his own. He is young and likes to chew things. He will need chew bones etc. I work from home and keep Falco in a crate in the house. He barks a little then settles. He is calm and content. At night Falco sleeps in a crate. He barks a little then calms. He walks well on a leash. He can get a little nervous when there is a lot of action and other dogs. He just needs to be close to you and keep moving. We walk him 2 times a day. He loves to snuggle and the couch. We are not ready for two dogs but if we were it would be Falco hands down.

If you are interested in meeting me, the shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday 11am – 5pm (winter hours).
If you’d like to schedule an appointment, check out the pets profile on our website at newberganimals.com to fill out an application and email to frontdesk@newberganimals.com.