Felix – Sponsored by Margie LeMaster

Felix – Sponsored by Margie LeMaster has found his forever home!

Felix is sponsored by Margie LeMaster

Hello, my name is Felix!

***notes from foster***
Felix is a loving kitty boy. He is always rubbing up against the crate. Except for the waterless bath I tried to give him, he melts for any attention. He was in pretty rough shape when I got him about a month ago .He lived in a community colony for for a couple years. He presented himself as standoffish for quite some time. Once he decided we were okay he showed us his friendly side.
He loves crunchy treats, which I am so happy to give him.
He will make a wonderful addition to any home! Love that kitty boy!

If you are interested in meeting me, the shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday 11am – 6pm.
If you’d like to schedule an appointment, check out the pets profile on our website at newberganimals.com to fill out an application and email to frontdesk@newberganimals.com.