Stray pets

These are the stray pets currently being cared for at Newberg Animal Shelter.

Contact us by phone or email if you believe we have your pet.

Stray male dog on 6/12/18stray boxer

Description: Male brown and white Boxer/Pit. Intact. No collar or tags.
Date found: 6/12/2018
Location found: Found at Charles St. and 9th Street in Newberg.
Approximate age: Young
Spayed/Neutered: No
Microchip: No chip




Stray female dog on 6/8/18stray

Description: Female Doberman found on Wilsonville and Renne road. Older dog, very sweet. No tags.
Date found: 6/8/2018
Location found: Found on Wilsonville and Renne Road
Approximate age: Senior
Spayed/Neutered: n/a
Microchip: No chip



Stray male dog on 5/14/18stray-lab

Description: Black Lab/Pit mix. Intact male, black collar, no tags, no chip.
Date found: 5/17/2018 @ 10am
Location found: near Renne Field in Newberg
Approximate age: n/a
Spayed/Neutered: No
Microchip: No chip