Volunteering is a great way to help out the community, hang out with animals, meet new people all in just a few hours!

We are in need of a wide variety of volunteer duties.

  • Morning and evening Kennel and Cat room cleaning and feeding of animals
  • Walking Dogs
  • Offsite – Event assistant (we have many outreach events!)
  • Gardening
  • Foster Home
  • Office/Retail Store
  • Janitorial

More details for each job are located here.

Volunteers must be 18. We require a commitment of one shift per week.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas with his dogs Stig, left, and Stella. He also has three cats and ducks. Photo by Michelle Alaimo


Patrick Thomas has been volunteering at Newberg Animal Shelter for the past year.  Patrick was new to Newberg and wanted to find a way to contribute to the community and meet new people.  He loved working in a shelter previously, so he came to Newberg Animal Shelter to continue his work with animals.

Patrick’s time at NAS is rewarding.  The other volunteers and staff make him feel good about being here.  Everyone is friendly.  The facility is comfortable, clean, and safe, and it continues to get even better as we continue to make improvements to the shelter.

Patrick especially enjoys the times when we have rooms filled with kittens.  He likes to sit on the floor and have kittens climbing all over him.  He also enjoys sitting with new, frightened Chihuahuas.  He finds it rewarding when he can win their trust and help them come out of their shells.

Patrick enjoys the company of all of the volunteers he works with.  He finds that everyone is friendly and here for all the right reasons.  He is inspired by the frequent, dedicated volunteers who give so much of their personal time and money to support the goals of the shelter.  Of all of the amazing volunteers he gets to work with, he is especially inspired by Jan Floren, dedicated Lead Volunteer and Vice President of Newberg Animal Shelter Friends.  He thinks she is incredible for everything she does for the shelter.

Patrick grew up in a small California town called Middletown.  He had a string of bad jobs before being hired on at the SPCA. At first he wasn’t sure he would be able to handle the stress of the job.  However, after a couple of weeks on the job, he realized that he enjoyed working with animals, was good at it, and it was something he cared deeply about.  This was a turning point for him.  Now, when he is not volunteering at the shelter, Patrick works as a Veterinary Assistant at Newberg Veterinary Hospital.

Outside of work and volunteering, Patrick enjoys gardening, hiking, driving, working on his car, playing guitar, and eating good food.  Patrick’s motivation in life is to keep his wife and their fur children happy and healthy.  He is also motivated to be a good person.  He wants to help people and make a positive impact each day.

For seven years, while working a retail job in California, Patrick drove past a sign for Ocean City, Maryland every day.  Inspired by this sign, Patrick and his mother took a 26-day road trip, covering 12,000 miles.  The goal of the trip was to not plan anything.  Patrick has been to 40 states and plans on taking a month-long vacation in Europe in a couple of years.  However, he knows that his biggest adventure will be when he and his wife have kids, but he doesn’t know when that adventure will begin.

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