We are the Newberg Animal Shelter located in the gorgeous Oregon wine country.

For over four decades the Newberg Animal Shelter was operated by the Newberg-Dundee Animal Control dept under the Newberg-Dundee Police. The shelter was a small one room building that held both cats and dogs. The Newberg Animal Shelter Friends organization raised over $500k to construct a new building. With the help of the city we moved into our new facility in April of 2013. We are very happy to be moved into our new building! There is still construction going on and we soon hope to have raised enough money to install an HVAC system for proper air ventilation for the animals.

Due to budget reasons, the City of Newberg announced that they have cut their Animal Control program. So on July 1st, 2014 there will no longer be an Animal Control program in the city of Newberg and so we lose the one Animal Control officer who manages the shelter. Newberg Animal Shelter Friends and the shelter volunteers will be managing operations of the shelter. We will be in a transition period while we structure the shelter to operate more like a humane society and offer many more services to our community.


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