Fill out a volunteer application and contact us by phone or email to sign up for an orientation time. 

Our next Volunteer Orientations:

Sunday, June 30th, 9am-11am
Tuesday, July 9th, 9am-11am
Monday, July 22nd, 9am-11am

Volunteering is a great way to help out the community, hang out with animals, meet new people all in just a few hours!

We are in need of a wide variety of volunteer duties.

  • Morning and evening Kennel and Cat room cleaning and feeding of animals
  • Walking Dogs
  • Offsite – Event assistant (we have many outreach events!)
  • Gardening
  • Foster Home
  • Office/Retail Store
  • Janitorial

More details for each job are located here.

Volunteers must be 18. We require a commitment of one shift per week.

Complete a volunteer application 

After you complete an application, you will be contacted by email to be scheduled for a shelter orientation class.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Laurie and Nathan


Laurie and Nathan

Laurie and Nathan have been volunteering for NAS for over a year now fostering kittens in their home. They heard about our volunteer opportunities at a Fred Meyer outreach event. Laurie had done fostering before and knew how much fun it was and took Nathan along for the ride. He was happy to come along. They both think it is a lot of fun and a bit of work. And it involves lots of poop.

Their favorite part of fostering is watching a runt kitten becoming the largest one. Laurie loves the Mama kitties when there is one and Nathan loves to play with the kittens. They’d like to let others know that there are more kittens, enough to go around. They enjoy seeing the milestones as they grow. Their neighbors and coworkers really enjoy visiting with the kittens too.

One thing about them that people would never know… Laurie has lived in every state touching the Pacific Ocean and Nathan used to work at a funeral home as a body retriever.

Their next adventure in life is to build a house on land between Newberg and Salem with a huge garden and fruit trees. And of course extra space for fostering kittens!

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