Kennel Sponsorship Program

Make a Difference


As a SPONSOR, your one-time annual donation will make a huge difference in the lives of homeless animals. One dog kennel or cat room houses numerous animals every year.

Some animals live with us for many months until they find their forever home. The SPONSORSHIP program allows your donation to directly support the daily upkeep of the pets at the Newberg Animal Shelter.

As a SPONSOR, your donation allows us to keep the doors open and provide food, care, and true shelter for homeless pets.

A full Sponsorship means that you will be the sole sponsor of the animal enclosure of your choice for one year.

A co-Sponsorship means that you will sponsor an animal enclosure along with other co-sponsors for one year.

Dog Kennels
Each kennel provides shelter for approximately 25 dogs each year

Full year Dog Kennel – $2,100
Dog Kennel co-sponsor for a year – $500

Cat Rooms
Each cat room provides shelter for approximately 260 cats each year

Cat Room co-sponsor for a year – $500

When you sign up to be an annual SPONSOR, the name of your choosing will be commemorated on a sign that will be prominently displayed on a dog kennel or cat room.

You will receive a receipt for your donation for tax purposes.

Contact us by calling 503-554-9285 or email to setup your sponsorship.