How can I find out what dogs and cats are available for adoption?
Our adoptable pets can be found on our website here, on our Petfinder page and we also post pets on our Facebook page and Instagram.

What comes with my dog or cat when I adopt it?
Every adopted pet is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites and receives all necessary medical attention.

When is the shelter open?
We are currently open Tuesday – Saturday 11:00am to 6:00pm. Adoptions until 5pm.

Where is the shelter located?
Adoptable pets can be found at 1591 S. Sandoz Rd. It is off of NE Wynooski Rd near Hwy 219. Some maps also show the location as 1591 S. Avalon Park, it is the same location.

How many animals do you adopt a year?
2015 – 186 dogs and cats

2016 – 385 dogs and cats

2017 – 578 cats and dogs

2018 – 804 cats and dogs

2019 – 937 cats and dogs

2020 – 947 cats and dogs

2021 – 1148 cats and dogs

2022 – 786 cats and dogs

2023 – 745 cats and dogs

Do you have a community pet food bank? 
We work with FISH and YCAP by providing cat and dog food to them to support the needs of the entire family for those who are seeking their services.

Do you take donations of new or used items?
Yes, we do take donations of new or slightly used pet items like pet food, bedding, kennels, toys, etc. You can ask for a tax donation receipt for your records too. We will always take in items and use them for the shelter pets when we can. If we have an overabundance of items that we cannot use or store or give to other shelters, they may be sold to use the money for other items that the shelter pets need. We donate dog and cat food that we can’t use only to other shelters or food banks for pets. We share with the community.

Who are Newberg Animal Shelter Friends?
NASF is the 501c3 fundraising organization that started raising money in 2000 for the construction of a new shelter building. In 2014 we began operating the shelter when the Animal Control program was cut. Review our About Us page to see specific details on the history of the shelter.

What’s the difference between the Animal Shelter and Animal Control?
Newberg Animal Shelter Friends is a private non-profit organization that operates Newberg Animal Shelter and relies on individual donations, adoption fees and our own fundraising to operate. Our mission is to provide a caring environment for homeless animals and find them nurturing homes.

Animal Control is an entity that is responsible for the enforcement, investigation, and prosecution of violations pertaining to the animal control ordinances. Yamhill County Dog Control is Animal Control for rural Yamhill County. Newberg does not have a dedicated Animal Control department. Newberg-Dundee Police Department (NDPD) handles Animal Control for the cities of Newberg and Dundee. Newberg Animal Shelter contracts with NDPD and provides boarding care for stray pets found in Newberg and Dundee.

Do you take in stray dogs
Contact Yamhill Communications Agency (YCOM) at 503-434-6500. The YCOM dispatcher will put you in touch with the appropriate enforcing agency. We are not able to receive dogs directly from citizens. Stray dogs must come through the appropriate enforcing agency. We have a contract with Newberg-Dundee Police Department to provide boarding services for stray pets found within Newberg or Dundee city limits.

Do you take in stray cats?
Most stray cats are either feral or are someone’s pet and know how to get home by themselves. We do not recommend feeding or petting a stray cat as it encourages them to stay.

If you believe the cat is actually lost, you can put the cat on our wait list. In the meantime, leave the cat alone or hold it in your home and actively try to find the owners.

If you find a young kitten, pregnant or nursing mom cat or a sick or injured cat, please contact the shelter directly at 503-554-9285. We will do our best to accommodate so we are not leaving cats on the streets who are compromised and not able to fend for themselves.

Does the shelter have a kennel license?
Yes. We are a licensed Animal Rescue Entity (ARE) through the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). We have yearly inspections facilitated by ODA to maintain our license.

Where do you get your dogs and cats?
We accept dogs and cats from people who need to rehome them. See more information on our Rehome page.
Our mission is to save as many lives as possible.  Yamhill County pets are always our priority.  When we have empty kennels, we take in dogs and cats that are transferred from high-kill animal welfare organizations in Oregon and other states.

What do I do if I find a stray dog?
Refer to information on our Lost and found page.

I have lost my dog or cat, what is the process for finding my pet?     Refer to information on our Lost and found page.

Who do I call to complain about a dog barking or a vicious dog at large within the Newberg and Dundee city limits?

Contact Newberg-Dundee Police Dept at the Non-Emergency phone number 503-538-8321.

How do I get a livestock permit to have chickens or other livestock within the Newberg and Dundee city limits?
This permit will now be obtained through the Newberg Ordinance officer. Fill out this application and return it to the City of Newberg.

Where do I license my dog in Yamhill County?
Dog licensing is managed by Yamhill County Dog Control. Information can be found on their website.

Will you take my personal animal that I can no longer care for?
We accept pets for rehoming from owners who can no longer keep them. Review our rehome page for more information.

Can I volunteer at the shelter?
Yes, we are accepting volunteer applications. Review our Volunteer page for information on opportunities. Shelter volunteers must be 18 years old. We are opening up volunteering for youth at Adoption Outreach events, learn more about that here.

How can I help?
Check out our Donate page for more details.