Who are Newberg Animal Shelter Friends?
NASF is the 501c3 fundraising organization that has been raising money since 2000 for the construction of a new shelter building. Review our About Us page to see specific details on the history of the shelter.

Why is the shelter in danger of losing its lease?
The City of Newberg needs $3 million to pay for a communications upgrade and is looking for ways to pay for it. The City has currently identified two properties—our shelter and the Butler property – as potential revenue sources.

What can I do to help NASF keep the shelter?
You can express your support for the work we are doing, and the lives we are saving. The City should hear how our shelter has helped our community, and the positive experiences you have had at the shelter.
Contact the City of Newberg’s elected officials and make your voices heard:
Mayor Bob Andrews – bob.andrews@newbergoregon.gov – District At Large
Councilor Denise Bacon – denise.bacon@newbergoregon.gov – District 3
Councilor Mike Corey – mike.corey@newbergoregon.gov – District 5
Councilor Scott Essin – scott.essin@newbergoregon.gov – District 6
Councilor Stephen McKinney – stephen.mckinney@newbergoregon.gov – District 2
Councilor Patrick Johnson – patrick.johnson@newbergoregon.gov – District 4
Councilor Matt Murray – matt.murray@newbergoregon.gov – District 1
Contact Joe Hannan, City Manager at (503) 537-1201 or via email joe.hannan@newbergoregon.gov
City Recorder Sue Ryan at cityrecorder@newbergoregon.gov for any questions, concerns, or general matters or call the City Recorder’s office at (503) 537-1283.

Is the shelter financially sound?
Yes. Since beginning to operate the shelter, NASF has paid all expenses generated by the shelter such as payroll, phone service, internet service, security system, medical expenses for all the animals in our care, insurance, event and fund raising expenses, and at the same time has provided funding to continue building improvements.

Why is the City of Newberg paying utilities for the animal shelter?
In 2014 when the City Animal Control program was eliminated, NASF began operating the shelter at the request of the city. We entered into a four-year lease that is up for renewal in July 2018. In the original lease negotiations, the City agreed to a $1.00 per year lease and offered to pay the building utilities in exchange for NASF operating the shelter at no charge to the city. The lease was approved unanimously by City Council. We have not been approached to renegotiate the lease yet, but look forward to doing so.

Why doesn’t NASF own the building if they raised most of the money to build it?
NASF (a 501c3 non-profit organization) was formed originally in 2000 to raise money to build a new animal shelter to replace the decrepit building that had outlived its usefulness on Blaine St. It was always the intention of the group to donate the building to the city for them to run it as part of their animal control program. The city agreed to furnish the land and they provided some of the funding to construct a basic new facility. NASF continued to raise funds to complete the interior of the building. The situation changed when the City eliminated its animal control program in 2014 and asked NASF to provide operational services. It was then that NASF entered into the lease agreement with the city that is currently in force.
Having invested $636,000 into the building, we are asking the City for right of first refusal in the event the City chooses to sell it.

Does the shelter have a kennel license?
Yes. We completed building improvements and passed inspection by Yamhill County on March 30, 2017 to receive our kennel license.

What’s the difference between the Animal Shelter and Animal Control?
Newberg Animal Shelter Friends is a private non-profit organization that operates Newberg Animal Shelter. Our mission is to provide a caring environment for homeless animals and find them nurturing homes.

Animal Control is an entity that is responsible for the enforcement, investigation, and prosecution of violations pertaining to the animal control ordinances. Yamhill County Dog Control is Animal Control for rural Yamhill County. Newberg does not have a dedicated Animal Control department. Newberg-Dundee Police Department (NDPD) handles Animal Control for the cities of Newberg and Dundee. NDPD is partnered with Family Pet Partners who assists in picking up stray animals and reuniting them with their families. As part of the lease agreement, Newberg Animal Shelter holds two kennels open for NDPD for public safety reasons such as bite quarantine or protective custody. We accept strays 7 days a week 8:30am – 6:30pm from citizens who find a dog. We have taken in and cared for over 200 strays since 2015.

Why is there only an HVAC system in the front half of the building?
After consulting with an HVAC engineer (the same company that provides HVAC services to Oregon Humane Society), it was decided to install HVAC in the front of the building first for the following reasons: the building itself is divided into two areas that are separated from each other.
This condition requires that there would be separate HVAC systems for the front and back parts of the building. The front lobby and cat area was stifling in the summer heat because there was no cross ventilation. With the funds we had available it was decided to install the system in the front part of the building which would provide the recommended level of air exchanges to keep the animals healthy and comfortable. This was the first step in providing clean filtered air. We had to make a decision where to start, and after consulting the engineers and contractors, this was decided to be the best option.  The dog kennel area has four 16-foot-wide garage type overhead doors, two on the south side, and two on the north side. Due to the prevailing breezes in the area, the doors can be opened in the cool morning air to provide fresh air and circulation until it gets too warm outside, at which time they can be closed to keep the sunlight and heat out.
Important to note, opening the garage doors for air circulation does not put any strain on the HVAC system in the front of the building as they are separated areas.
The first step in providing more ventilation for the dog kennel area has already been taken, i.e. we have had an electrician install the proper wiring and circuitry to accommodate an air handler that would be installed in the louvers of the clerestory area of the ceiling.

How do the dogs stay warm in cold weather?
The entire building has integrated radiant floor heating installed, keeping the dogs very comfortable.

What comes with my dog or cat when I adopt it?
Every adopted pet is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, treated for parasites and receives all necessary medical attention.

How many animals do you adopt a year?
In 2015, we adopted 186 dogs and cats. In 2016, we adopted 385 dogs and cats. In 2017, 578 cats and dogs have been adopted.

Do you have a community pet food bank?
We work with FISH and YCAP by providing cat and dog food to them to support the needs of the entire family for those who are seeking their services.

How many employees do you have?
We have three full-time employees; one Shelter Manager, one Animal Care Technician and one Kennel Assistant.

Where do you get your dogs and cats?
We accept dogs and cats from people who need to rehome them. We do not charge a surrender fee.
Our mission is to save as many lives as possible.  Yamhill County pets are always our priority.  When we have empty kennels, we take in dogs and cats that are transferred from high-kill animal welfare organizations in Oregon and other states.

What do I do if I find a stray dog?
We are open to drop off stray dogs 7 days a week, 8:00am – 6:30pm.

Review our Lost and found page for information.

I have lost my dog or cat, what is the process for finding my pet?

Review our Lost and Found page for information.

Who do I call to complain about a dog barking or a vicious dog at large?

Contact Newberg-Dundee Police Dept at the Non-Emergency phone number 503-538-8321.

How do I get a livestock permit to have chickens or other livestock within the city limits?
This permit will now be obtained through the Newberg Ordinance officer. Fill out this application and return it to the City of Newberg.

When is the shelter open?
We are open Wednesday – Saturday 11:00am to 6:00pm. Or you can setup an appt for a specific time by contacting us at 503-554-9285 or newberganimals@gmail.com.

How can I find out what dogs are available for adoption?
Our adoptable pets can be found on our Petfinder page. We also post pets on our Facebook page.

Where is the shelter located?
Adoptable pets can be found at 1591 S. Sandoz Rd. Off of NE Wynooski Rd near Hwy 219. Google maps also states the location as 1591 S Avalon Park. We have not been able to get that corrected.

Where do I license my dog?
You can license your dog at the shelter. Additionally, follow this link to see the list of vet locations where you can also license your dog.

Will you take my personal animal that I can no longer care for?
We accept pets for rehoming from owners who can no longer keep them. Review our rehome page for more information.

Can I volunteer at the shelter?
Yes, we are accepting volunteer applications. Review our Volunteer page for information on opportunities. Shelter volunteers must be 18 years old.

How can I help?
Check out our Donate page for more details.

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