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When staff calls to schedule an Intake Evaluation Appointment, your pet will undergo health and behavioral evaluations. Please plan to bring in all vet records you have for your pet. This appointment does not guarantee that we will be able to take your pet into the shelter. The evaluations are to determine if the pet is safe to bring into the shelter. We have a responsibility to our volunteers and the pets in our care. We will not bring in pets that pose any serious health risks.

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We do not accept 3rd-party surrenders. Pets MUST be surrendered by the appropriate owner. If you have a stray pet, please refer to our Lost and Found page. https://newberganimals.com/lostandfound/
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Cats that are not handleable are feral (wild) cats, not pets. Dogs that are not handleable are aggressive. Newberg Animal Shelter is operated largely by volunteers. For their safety, we are only able to accept pets who are comfortable being handled.
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In order to provide the best possible care for every pet, we need to be aware of their specific needs while they are with us.
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