Youth volunteering

Do you have a young one in your life that loves animals? Do they want to help support your local homeless pets? Here are some ways you both can support Newberg Animal Shelter!

Youth Outreach Volunteering

Newberg Animal Shelter is happy to announce that we are launching a Youth Outreach Volunteer opportunity in July 2019!  This volunteer position is new and space is currently limited.  This position will allow youth ages 12 years and up the opportunity to volunteer as part of our Newberg Animal Shelter Outreach team.

At this time the youth program is on hold. We will start this program again, follow us on Facebook for future opportunities.

Other ways for youth to support the shelter:

Foster a shelter pet

Give a special pet a temporary spot in your home where they can feel loved and safe to help them thrive and become adoptable. Foster families provide animals TLC and one-on-one attention before they are adopted. Learn more about fostering here.

Purchase items from our Amazon Wish List

We are always in need of supplies at the shelter. One easy way to make a big difference is to purchase our priority items from our Amazon Wish List. You could raise funds for purchasing items or have a birthday party and request donated items for the shelter.

Collect cans for Bottle Drop

BottleDrop is a clean convenient way to return your bottles and cans and benefit shelter pets. Read more about BottleDrop here.

Facebook Fundraisers

Start a Facebook Fundraiser and 100% of the proceeds come to the shelter to help all the homeless pets in our care. You can create a fundraiser for your own birthday, for your child’s birthday, for your pets “Adoptaversary” (the day they were adopted), for your pets birthday or just create a fundraiser for fun to support the shelter!

Raise money to Sponsor a Kennel

When you sign up to be a sponsor the name of your choosing will be commemorated on a sign that will be prominently displayed on a dog kennel or cat room. Learn more here.