Old Fashioned Festival Virtual Dog Costume Contest 2020

We aren’t able to see all of your furry friends in costume this year so Newberg Old Fashioned Festival is holding a virtual dog costume contest to have some fun and maybe embarrass our pets a tiny bit. We did this once before when it was too hot for costumes—so we know it is possible!

Email your photo by Friday July 24th at 5pm.

Send the email to 2019noff@gmail.com and include one photo of your favorite costume-wearing canine, along with information about the dog (name, breed, costume) and owner (owner’s name, and phone #).

Voting will be Saturday, July 25 and close Thursday, July 30!
All entries will be posted to a photo album on Facebook. You can share with all your friends and family to vote on your pup!

Winner will be announced Friday, July 31!

For questions email Cathy Martin at 2019noff@gmail.com.  

Newberg Animal Shelter alumni Widget (adopted 2016) and Chip (adopted 2019) are sharing their photo shoot for the contest. Widget is not amused. Chip is easily amused. 🙂