Buttercup @ Hillsboro PetSmart

Buttercup @ Hillsboro PetSmart has found her forever home!

I am available for adoption at Hillsboro PetSmart, 889 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124. (503) 615-5900. Please bring cash and a carrier if you have one. PetSmart cannot run credit cards for Newberg Animal Shelter adoptions.
Buttercup is a gorgeous, chubby orange tabby with big, curious eyes. She’s our runt of the litter so she’s a bit timid when it comes to loud noises and new people but if she’s given enough time to adapt and realize she’s okay, she will open up to you in no time. She bonds with her person through toys, food, and one on one playing. She enjoys ball and mouse toys, wand toys, ball tower toys, and she gets really silly and playful when you bring out a laser toy. She likes to be next to her person instead of on them, but the rare times she does sit in your lap, she purrs consistently whether you’re petting her or not. She is curious about other dogs and cats, but needs the help gaining confidence when meeting them. She would thrive best in a household with only 1-2 animals in it, if there’s more, she will feel overwhelmed and unsure. She’s able to entertain herself for the most part and she’s a very loving kitten once she opens up and shows her true personality. With the right amount of patience and slow introductions, she will be a tiny, brave, outgoing kitten that will fill your home with soft purring and the sweet sound of scurrying feet running around the rooms to catch a laser.