Dusty @ Hillsboro PetSmart

Dusty @ Hillsboro PetSmart has found his forever home!

Dusty is an orange tabby kitten with very handsome facial features and fur pattern. He is a very sweet, loving, playful boy. He is quick to adventure out to try new things as long as he knows you are there to comfort him if he needs it. He enjoys playing with his siblings and getting belly rubs or curling up in your lab to purr. He is quick to run to greet you upon your return home and will cozy up to you when he is finally tired. He likes to hang out upside down and wave his paws in the air so you know, he will always applaud you! He loves mouse toys, ball tower toys, and wand toys, and he’s pretty good at entertaining himself when needed. He goes crazy for his food and will try to get right in your way while preparing his meals, but in an adorable way! He’s a pretty laid back kitten and will just be happy to be near you, hanging out. 

I am available for adoption at Hillsboro PetSmart, 889 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124. (503) 615-5900. Please bring cash and a carrier if you have one. PetSmart cannot run credit cards for Newberg Animal Shelter adoptions.