Frank has found his forever home!

Hello, I’m Frank!

I may not see the world as you do, but I perceive it through my other senses. I love the sound of friendly voices, the touch of gentle hands, and the scent of a cozy home. I’m quite smart, you know. I’ve learned to navigate my surroundings with ease, relying on my memory and acute hearing. I’m also quite the cuddler, relishing in the warmth of companionship. I’m gentle and friendly, always ready for a chat or a nap. So, why adopt me? Because I’m more than just a cat. I’m a friend who’ll bring warmth and joy to your life, despite my blindness. I’m proof that love isn’t about seeing, it’s about feeling.

If you are interested in meeting me, the shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday 11am – 6pm,(summer hours).
If you’d like to schedule an appointment, check out the pets’ profile on our website at to fill out an application and email to