Howie @ Hillsboro Petsmart

Howie @ Hillsboro Petsmart has found his forever home!

I just came from Maui and am excited to find my new family in Oregon!
My friends in Maui say:
“Howie is a sensitive sweetie that’s looking for an understanding ohana to give him a chance. He came to us with abscessed
ears, in need of medical attention, after his owner had a stroke and was unable to care for him anymore. Now Howie is spending his days in Foster Care where he’s enjoying the finer things, like soft beds and blankets to curl up in. If you are looking for a kitty that really just wants to chill out, then Howie could be purrrrfect for you!

Foster Notes:
-Howie loves his window perch and the outside view.
-Foster says that Howie sometimes poops next to the litter box, but consistently urinates in the litterbox. Spoke with vet tech who cared for him
while he was in hospital and said the same thing. She says she feels it’s more of a mental thing and that he just seems to “forget”. She stated the poops are not a hassle to pick up and that he never makes a huge mess. Foster says he seems to have dementia/seems a tad senile and would benefit best from a home who understands that and just want to provide a home for him so he can live out the rest of his years. Howie gets along with her other 2 cats as well as 2 dogs (1 small 1 big) at home. Feels he can do well with other animals as long as they are calm and respectful of him. Stated Howie no longer hides and shows fear. At night tends to howl and pace around and looks a bit confused. Sometimes he will stare at the wall. Is able to snap out of it when foster calls him. Likes to be pet and receive head scratches but does not enjoy being held and not a lap cat.”

He had a really bad infection in both ears and so it kind of makes him look like a Scottish fold, but we call him a ” Maui Fold” 🙂 “

I will be available for adoption starting 2/6/21 after noon at Hillsboro PetSmart, 889 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124. (503) 615-5900. Please bring cash and a carrier if you have one. PetSmart cannot run credit cards for Newberg Animal Shelter adoptions. Applications are available at this location. We are unable to do holds or pre-adoptions. Cats typically arrive to adoption site between 11am and noon and are often adopted quickly, so we recommend arriving early.