Kupale (Keo)

Kupale (Keo) has found his forever home!

Hello my name is Keo!
I’m Keo and rather than dwell on my past (which wasn’t so swell) let’s talk future…as in moving away from here and starting over. You game? Now before I get my boarding pass let’s get acquainted. I’m a fun-loving, friendly youngster with a Life is Good (and going to get better) attitude. The volunteers call me ‘wonderful’ and say I’m a breeze to walk, I’m very motivated by treats, I’d rather be with people than anyone else and I’m polite and calm for a 2-year-old. My foster mom says I’m smart, patient, pretty well-trained, affectionate and I love walking on the beach and wading in the waves. AND she said I’m amazing! I’ve been to dog play group umpteen times and I do okay, I’ve made some friends and those I don’t care for I just ignore. Ok, I’ll be waiting to hear when I can book my flight – I’ll be all ear!

Foster notes:
6/16:Keo is doing very well. He is very smart and patient. Well trained as well (except for the recall). First he didn’t eat a lot, but we have put some fish in his food, as well as ham and so he eats well now. He has a fine pallet I must say! Keo is not a fan of the wet food, so we’re feeding him dry w/smoked ham. Loves hot dogs, so that’s what we’re hiding the meds in. Still pulls on the leash when they go by other dogs, and cats sometimes.
First he was scared by the outside. I understood that he spent a lot of time in Maui Humane Society and couldn’t go out in public at all. So we made him (re)discover the beach and the surf, and he loves to do beach walks. He is very affectionate, distributes lots of lickings. One he feels trust, he completely trusts. For the moment, he sleeps in his crate for the night, because he was wandering everywhere. He is an amazing dog, adorable!

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