Lilo has found her forever home!

Information from Lilo’s foster mom (when she was in Oklahoma):
Lilo is cat tested and does great around cats
Lilo does well around smaller dogs and puppies
Lilo does good around kids little and older.
Lilo rides wonderful in the car does not get car sick at all
She walks great on leash.
She enjoyed squeaky toys but does tend to gut them and then she is done with the toy
Lilo enjoys having wet food and dry food mix. I would feed her that for dinner. I also used dinner time when it was feeding time or breakfast time.
To get her in crate if you tell her crate up she goes in her crate.
She loves to run and talks a lot. She loves to play ball but does not being it back but loves to have it thrown at her. She likes to play on the water and loves to play with other dogs.

She does need to be feed in a crate or separate has never attacked another dog but rather be fed alone. She loves to cuddle and be petted. She is an amazing dog.

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Newberg Animal Shelter at with a completed Adoption Application. We will contact the home that would be the best fit for this pet specifically. If your application is not chosen, please do not consider it a rejection. We receive multiple applications on every pet.