Lily @ Hillsboro PetSmart

Lily @ Hillsboro PetSmart has found her forever home!

I am available for adoption at Hillsboro PetSmart, 889 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124. (503) 615-5900. Please bring cash and a carrier if you have one. PetSmart cannot run credit cards for Newberg Animal Shelter adoptions.

Lily is a very lively orange tabby kitten who just wants to play all the time. She’s absolutely beautiful and her fur pattern is very unique, you won’t ever get tired of looking at her dazzling facial features! She is a very confident,active, entertaining kitten so if you’re wanting to add a furry family member to keep you amused, she’s the kitten for you! When you enter the room, she will greet you with a few chirps and come down to sit in your lap. She will meow softly until you pet her and continue since she’s so happy for your affection. After a good play session and some treats, she will crawl into your lap to get love and for a quick cat nap before she’s ready to play again. She’s rather curious and likes to climb things to be up high. She loves to look out windows and just admire the trees, birds, bugs, and anything else she can see. She has a very curious attitude and wants to explore anything she can. Lily has a very strong and independent personality but she also enjoys companionship and snuggling!