Miss Girl *SPECIAL NEEDS* has found her forever home!

Miss Girl is a darling lady who has captured the hearts of all that have had the pleasure of meeting her.  Miss Girl arrived in the shelter last March, and has been an absolute treasure and showing immense affection to anyone who came within reach of her.  Her need to lose weight has made her a fixture in the front lobby of the shelter, sharing the space with the staff and offering endless joy and love to them.  She is calm and collected, and has never shown more than occasional, mild irritation during bursts of activity and dogs sniffing at her condo.  Miss Girl is still a bit on the older side, though.  She will need to remain on a strict diet to continue losing weight and requires medication twice a day to manage her thyroid.   We also recommend she get regular exercise, though she has not shown much interest in playing.  We have generally just taken on her on walks around the lobby to keep her moving, which she has been just fine with.  We will note that she is a VERY practiced food thief – she will need to be kept away from any and all human food because she WILL eat it!  This is a cat that wants to be held and loved every hour of every day, who just wants to be your friend and companion. She is a special animal that needs to find her forever home, where she can live her best, happy life.
If you are interested in meeting me, please email Newberg Animal Shelter at frontdesk@newberganimals.com with a completed Adoption Application. We will contact the home that would be the best fit for this pet specifically. If your application is not chosen, please do not consider it a rejection. We receive multiple applications on every pet.