Mushroom has found her forever home!

Foster Family Perspective:
Thinking about adopting Mushroom? Here are a few things that will help you develop a relationship with her. Mushroom is very shy, but she has gained more confidence around humans. If you let her sniff you before you pet her, then she will trust you more. IF she hisses or growls she is letting you know she is nervous, BUT she will give a soft blink and want your love, so go ahead and let her sniff you and then pet her. Mushroom really likes to hide under things like beds, but for her own good; block these areas while giving her a more reasonable hiding place like under a coffee table. She is not comfortable being held or up on furniture yet, this is something she is still working on! If you are patient and let her learn to better trust humans you will have a lot of fun together, because she is motivated by wet food and does like to play with string toys!”

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Newberg Animal Shelter at with a completed  Adoption Application. We will contact applicants to schedule a meet and greet.