Potato @ Tigard Petsmart

Potato @ Tigard Petsmart has found her forever home!

Potato is a great cat!

She loves other cats and adapts quite quickly to wanting to be with and play with other cats. She is not too fond of being picked up a lot but will tolerate it, if she has to. She loves to run and get her exercise in the house and if another cat wants to join in then life is perfect for her.
She loves to have fun, playing with a feather wand that moves very quickly is the love of her kitty life. She is really good about not getting on couches and chairs and just needs a soft place to sleep. She has occasionally jumped on a counter or table, but it is usually when someone has left a toy or her beloved feather on that surface. We have been working on her using a cat tree and / or a cardboard scratching post for when she needs to stretch her toes. She has not scratched any furniture but she sometimes digs into the carpet on the floor. Continued redirection to a correct scratching place would work on her as she is a good learner.
She is a catnip cat, she loves fresh catnip but will enjoy the dry catnip as well.
She really likes crunchy kibble food with a supplement of wet food too. She has fallen in love with the Inaba Churu tube treats. Especially tuna! They come in a variety and we get them from Chewy.com. We call them the cat version of gogurt.
We have found her to be a really lovely cat, who is pretty easy going and she would be happiest with other cats to live with. She was a great mama cat and spoiled her babies every day. She would make a great cat for anyone that is lucky enough to adopt her.

I am available for adoption Monday-Friday from 6pm-8pm at Tigard PetSmart 7501 SW Dartmouth St., Tigard, OR 97223. (503) 684-3234. Please call the store before visiting to make sure I am still available. Please bring cash or check for the adoption fee and a carrier for the adoption. PetSmart is not able to process card payments for Newberg Animal Shelter adoptions.