Princess-Bee has found her forever home!


Princess-Bee is a very outgoing and affectionate cat with a streak of jealous wrath. She definitely wants to be someone’s whole world. She has absolutely no intentions of sharing her human with another animal. Really, it should be just fine, since she has an abundance of love to give. You definitely will never want for affection with Princess-Bee in your life.

Feisty cats tend to get overstimulated or particular about how/when they want your attention and what type of environment they live in.  Some feisty cats prefer to keep their people all to themselves and not share their home and attention with other animals.  Other feisty cats get overstimulated when you pet them certain ways.  The greatest thing about feisty cats is they are typically more outgoing a playful then shy cats.  Using enticing toys, such as feather wands and laser pointers can sometimes assist these kitties with their overzealous tendencies.  Feisty kitties tend to get overlooked in shelters.  If you have the patience, energy, love and a good environment for a feisty cat to thrive, please consider giving one a home!  Your home will never be boring!  Feisty cat adoption are $75.

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Newberg Animal Shelter at with a completed Adoption Application. We will contact the home that would be the best fit for this pet specifically. If your application is not chosen, please do not consider it a rejection. We receive multiple applications on every pet.