Rock Lee

Rock Lee has found his forever home!

Rock Lee is a 1 year old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix.
Here is his most recent review from Garland Animal Services in Texas:
“11-6-19 Walks well on leash. Doesn’t pull and waits to walk with you. Doesn’t know any commands, but smart/trainable. When approaching kennel he is very nice and doesn’t bark/jump on door. Let me easily leash him without running out. He is pretty calm. Didn’t care about cats in cat room. Will take treats nicely from hand. Loves belly, side, and neck pets. He did not want to go back in kennel. The dogs barking at him made him scared. However, he was nice and playful with other dogs outside. Possibly submissive. Likes to long walks. Kinda likes balls/dog toys.”