Tiger has found his forever home!

Tiger is a sweet 1 year old, 40#, Vizsla mix. He transferred from Maui hoping to find a wonderful new home here in Oregon, where he will be loved and pampered. While at the Maui Humane Society, he was treated for mange, so he is hopeful you understand that his beautiful fur will return. Maui says: “Tiger and his brother Gunner came to us from a poor home situation. They lived in bad conditions for far too long and ended up with demo and Gunner has an old fracture that will require amputation. We would like to see these boys placed in a home on the mainland. They are the most LOVING, playful boys… their hair is regrowing and they are looking good!!” Tiger was a wonderful helper dog in Maui, but was recently jumped by a new dog in Playgroup, where he sustained a few puncture wounds. He will be available with a medical waiver and antibiotics for his wounds.