Turkey Bird

Turkey Bird has found his forever home!


Turkey Bird is a dog very befitting of his name. He is happy, energetic and totally Husky! Turkey Bird loves to talk and can make the craziest cute sounds when he is interested in attention or overly bored. He would love an extremely active household that can spend lots of time playing and cuddling. Turkey Bird would love a home with a large fenced yard to play and a house to cuddle up with his family when he lets you know he is done playing. He loves to play with plastic balls and is very food motivated, and has learned a couple of basic commands already.
Turkey Bird (aka Trap) is a 3.5-year-old Husky that came from California on 3/26/21 and he is looking for a home. He has been going to school to learn to be a good companion. He is good with people, kids and dogs. He walks well on a leash and doesn’t pull. He knows sit, come and is learning stay. Great recall and loves people. If you are looking for a good dog to adopt this is your guy. He comes with a couple free lessons at Marvin Pierce Dog Teacher. For videos visit Marvin Pierce Portland Dog Teacher on Facebook.

If you are interested in meeting me, please email Newberg Animal Shelter at frontdesk@newberganimals.com with a completed Adoption Application. We will contact the home that would be the best fit for this pet specifically. If your application is not chosen, please do not consider it a rejection. We receive multiple applications on every pet.