Zeppo has found his forever home!

Zeppo 2 year old male Dogo Argentino Mix (67lbs)
He transferred from Maui for a chance to find his forever family. Here is what Maui had to say about Zeppo: Zeppo is a one-dog entertainment show – what a big silly boy! He is like a gargantuan puppy – enthusiastic, jovial, thinks all dogs are his besties, is engaging with people, and his eye patch makes him look like a pirate “Ahoy Matey!” Zeppo has been amazing in play group, enjoys having a kennel mate to spend the day with, and his one ear up and one down adds character to his already amusing personality. One look at him and you know it’s going to be a fun ride! Today in Canine Corral a big male dog jumped out of a truck and came up to the fence and Zeppo was like, ‘Hi what’s your name? This is my roomie Basil. Want to play with us?”