SpokesPet 2019-2020

2019-2020 SpokesPet’s are Gomez and Bel Air!

2019 is our first year of having SpokesPets! The Spokespet for a year is auctioned off at our annual Wine & Whiskers event. The lucky winner(s) gets their pet on promotional materials for the next years Wine & Whiskers event. They are shared here on the website as the official Spokepet. They receive a professional photo shoot, get a bunch of swag and pampering packages to be treated like the star they are.

Wine & Whiskers 2020 has been transitioned to an online auction, but you will still be able to bid on this auction item for your pet to be Spokespet for 2020/2021!  


Gomez came to the Newberg Animal Shelter when a family member passed away and the remaining family could not care for him and his other siblings. Gomez lived all 16 years of his life outside, where he had even been hit by a car earlier in life. When he came to Newberg Animal Shelter he had barely any teeth but was in good spirits purring away. Shortly after arriving at the shelter he had to have the remainder of his teeth pulled. Even after everything he was still the happy go lucky cat the staff and volunteers grew to love. The worse part of the whole thing was not that he didn’t have teeth anymore to keep his tongue in but that he had to eat wet food only for two weeks. If anyone knows/remembers Gomez then they know he hates wet food. After spending over a month at the shelter Gomez found his forever home where he can finally relax. He has since been diagnosed with kidney failure but is receiving all the proper care he needs. He has several brothers and sisters he spends his day napping with on the countless numbers of beds/cat trees that are a part of his new home. His favorite thing about his new home though is that his new family takes him on leash outside and to the pet store because sometimes he still misses the outdoors.

Pictures by Donna Rohr Photography.

Bel Air

Bel Air’s life began in foster care after her mom, Sugar, was brought to Newberg Animal Shelter from California.  Her foster mom named her Sadie.  She was quickly adopted by a family of automotive enthusiasts and renamed after the 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan.  She was a shy pup but has blossomed into a well-mannered, tolerant girl. Bel enjoys hiking, learning new tricks, and lounging around with her three siblings: Chevy, Nova, and Malibu.

Pictures by Donna Rohr Photography.