SpokesPet’s for Wine & Whiskers 2021

2020-2021 SpokesPet’s are Harper and McLovin’!

Thanks to Gomez and Bel Air for being our SpokesPets for Wine & Whiskers 2020 and being awesome representatives for the shelter! Learn more about them here.

The Spokespet for a year is auctioned off at our annual Wine & Whiskers event. The lucky winners gets their pet on promotional materials for the next years Wine & Whiskers event. They are shared here on the website as the official SpokeDog and SpokesCat. They receive a professional photo shoot, get a bunch of swag and pampering packages to be treated like the star they are.

Meet Harper!

Harper and her litter mates were born at Madera County Animal Services in California in the fall of 2017 and were transported with their mother, Ginger, to Newberg Animal Shelter. On the day she was spayed, Harper instantly captured the hearts of the entire staff at Family Pet Clinic, where her adoptive mom works.

Baby Harper

She now lives on a farm in St Paul, where her outgoing and inquisitive nature quickly endeared her to her older siblings, Scout and Jem. Everything in life brings Harper great joy, but she especially enjoys exploring the creek and fields of her farm and being the center of attention among her Family Pet Clinic aunties. She is a loyal and loving companion and rarely leaves her people’s sides.

Harper’s photographs by Lori Ackerman Photography.

Meet McLovin’!

Dear Friends:

Hello everyone! My name is McLovin’. I am 10-years old, single, and SUPER excited to serve as your ‘20-‘21 SpokesCat. During the coming year, I am looking forward to encouraging our friends and neighbors to adopt tri-paw capable felines like myself. Also, let us give a big round of apaws to Gomez, last year’s SpokesCat for his year of service to the Newberg Animal Shelter! It is an honor to follow in his paw steps.

I was born in rural eastern Washington and was rescued by Elaine, my first human mom. She found me in a ditch during a morning walk and I had jaw trauma and a body full of fleas. Even with less than stellar appearance, she still saw fit to take me home where she cleaned me up and gave me the name Serendipity.

A few days later, my second and current human mom, Amber met me while attending one of Elaine’s art retreats. She took me home at the end of the day and just like that, I went from farm kitten to city kitten!

Over the years, my human has provided me the best veterinary care for not only my jaw, and overall health and wellness. In fact, last November after nearly a year of medical treatment, Dr. Rachel determined one of my hind-legs had to be removed due to cancer. Even the loss of my leg has not slowed me down as I am as fast and mobile as ever!

I should probably mention that my human does not call me by my birth name. You see, she seems to think I have a mischievous streak — I strongly disagree — so she nicknamed me McLovin’ just like the kid from the movie Super Bad. When she thinks I am double-trouble, she calls me McLovin’-ator, which is almost all the time! Honestly, I just think I have a “big personality” which can sometimes be overwhelming, like, for example, when it is 2 AM human time and I am hungry. To capture the attention of my human, I prefer to announce my presence with authority by going into the bathroom and intentionally failing in my attempt to scale the shower curtain, thus resulting in a loud crash. If I really play my cards right, and meow and rub up against her leg while she refastens the shower rod to the wall, she will tell me I am a “handsome handful” – whatever that means – I just like the sound of it when she says it.

I like playing fetch with water bottle caps, fishing my human’s granola bar wrappers out of the recycle bin, am still known for my incredible although inelegant vertical leaps, the kink in my tail, and the beauty mark on my face. When I want to be alone, I hop into the empty bathtub and chill. All meals are my favorite meals. Finally, when I am placed in my pet crate in preparation for a visit to see Dr. Rachel, again, my favorite veterinarian, I want everyone in the neighborhood to hear me yowl my dissent to the pending visit! My human, in typical fashion, is not amused.

With love and catitude,