Statement July 2020


The Board of Directors of Newberg Animal Shelter Friends wants to thank the entire community, staff and volunteers for the overwhelming support shown to us over the past twenty years, and especially now.

By now you have heard of the unfortunate circumstances that led to the arrest of our former treasurer.

The facts are these: The board voted to relieve the treasurer of her duties late last year. At that point, while performing an internal audit, we discovered some abnormalities in the bookkeeping. Upon closer examination we realized we had a serious issue. We then contacted Yamhill County Sheriff’s office and worked closely with Detective Will Lavish to provide the documents needed to proceed with an investigation.

It has been seven long months as the investigation moved forward and we were unable to speak about it. Due to the nature of the ongoing situation, we are sure you all appreciate the fact that we are unable to discuss further specifics at this time.

When it became apparent we had a problem, we fixed it and will continue to pursue justice for the animals and to repair the damage that has been done to our relationship with our donors and supporters. We know it will take time to re-earn everyone’s trust, but we assure you all, we have taken the appropriate steps to do this.

All through our twenty year journey of building a vibrant and life saving animal shelter, we have persevered any time adversity has hit us. It has always been a learning experience and has made us a better organization. This experience will also make us stronger and we will continue to pursue our mission.

Twenty years is a long time. What has kept us going is a shared love of animals and a commitment to providing them with a healthy forever home. Our community has been key in helping us with this mission. You all share our love of animals, and we thank you for that and hope you will continue to support us. Our work on behalf of the animals will not stop.