SpokesPet’s for Wine & Whiskers 2023

2022-2023 SpokesPet’s are Boone and Camilla!

Thanks to Olivia and Royce for being our SpokesPets for Wine & Whiskers 2022 and being awesome representatives for the shelter! Learn more about them here.

The Spokespet for a year is auctioned off at our annual Wine & Whiskers event. The lucky winners gets their pet on promotional materials for the next years Wine & Whiskers event. They are shared here on the website as the official SpokeDog and SpokesCat. They receive a professional photo shoot, get a bunch of swag and pampering packages to be treated like the star they are.

Join us at Wine & Whiskers 2023 for an opportunity for your pet to become a future SpokesPet!

Meet SpokesDog Boone!

Boone is a 5 year old Boone is a male black Labrador that was picked up from a farm litter in southern Oregon at 10 weeks of age. He arrives with his vet assistant mom at Family Pet Clinic each day to pay his dues by providing help for sick puppies and being a model assistant for vet care, when needed. Boone may not be a rescue kiddo from a shelter, but in the veterinary world he sure has helped save many little puppy lives.

He lives on a farm in Saint Paul, OR. There you can find him chasing his favorite smells, helping with chores and cleaning up fallen pieces of horse grain. Boone isn’t picky when it comes to cleaning up left over farm food! Boone loves to roll around in anything dead or stinky. He knows how much his mom loves that. It’s the farm dog life! His love is loyal and true and his friendship will last a life time to all.

Meet SpokesCat Camilla!

Her name is Camilla.. aka Millie or the Queen Consort depending on her mood that day. Camilla was a foster fail from a rescue in Minnesota. She enjoys short walks (to her food bowl), snuggling with her best friend – a Frenchie, and playing with her toy mouse. She particularly enjoys working with her mom at Guardian Veterinary Care in Sherwood, where she serves as a model patient for the staff learning Fear Free and Cat Friendly handling techniques.

Get your tickets now to attend this years Wine & Whiskers gala event on May 20th!