SpokesPet’s for Wine & Whiskers 2024

2023-2024 SpokesPet’s are Hannah and Sofia Rose!

Thanks to Boone and Camilla for being our SpokesPets for Wine & Whiskers 2023 and being awesome representatives for the shelter! Learn more about them here.

The Spokespet for a year is auctioned off at our annual Wine & Whiskers event. The lucky winners gets their pet on promotional materials for the next years Wine & Whiskers event. They are shared here on the website as the official SpokeDog and SpokesCat. They receive a professional photo shoot, get a bunch of swag and pampering packages to be treated like the star they are.

Join us at Wine and Whiskers 2024 for an opportunity for your pet to become a future SpokesPet!

Thank you to Lori Ackerman Photography for donating her time and amazing talent to capture the beauty of every pet that comes in front of her camera!

Meet SpokesDog Hannah!

“Hannah is a 2 year old female Cattle Dog that arrived from Muskogee, Oklahoma, on one of two Fetch Fido a Flight transports that arrived at the Hillsboro Airport, Feb 2022.  Hannah came with three sweet puppies which we quickly fostered for a couple of months.  We officially adopted Hannah in April 2022 and she has been a perfect addition for Bandit, our older rescue from the shelter.  Hannah’s favorite things to do are riding in vehicles, camping and meeting people.  She does not know a stranger and loves to give out smooches.  

She lives on a farm outside Newberg where she roams the blueberry field enjoying all the smells that surround the property and makes sure the deer keep away from her plants. Hannah starts her days with a quick perimeter check of the property, breakfast then onto the next task at hand. She has been pure joy and a loyal companion to our entire family.”

From Hannah’s family, Linda Naylor, Vice President of Newberg Animal Shelter Friends

Meet SpokesCat Sofia Rose!

More information on Sofia coming soon!